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« Don’t bother just to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors. Try to be better than yourself. »

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« On ne voit bien qu’avec le coeur. L’essentiel est invisible pour les yeux. »

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« Language exerts hidden power, like a moon on the tides. »

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et aussi mon roubdinou, mon mec, mon fiancé, mon gratouneur attitré, mon soleil, mon chéridamour, ma présence rassurante la nuit, mon fêtard, mon fidèle, mon tout, mon plus fort du monde, mon autre, mon moteur, mon arabe préféré (bien qu’à moitié…), ma fierté, mon souffle d’air pur, mon compagnon de voyages, mon futur bâton de vieillesse, mon radoteur, mon dragueur, mon flemmard, mon souriant, mon élégant, mon liseur d’histoires, mon roubinet, mon MehdZ, mon linguiste, ma famille, mon fantasme numéro 1, mon énergie, mon mâle, ma couverture quand j’ai froid, mon souffre-douleur quand j’ai mes règles, mon homme quand j’ai mal, mon soutien, mon déshabilleur, mon regard sur moi-même, ma raison d’être toujours moi, mon patient (enfin pas toujours), mon câlineur, mon perfectionneur d’anglais, mon amoureux à moi, ma vie.

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« She was forcing it with her scorn, the kiss she gave me, the hard curl of her lips, the mockery of her eyes, until I was like a man made of wood and there was no feeling within me except terror and a fear of her, a sense that her beauty was too much, that she was so much more beautiful than I, deeper rooted than I. She made me a stranger unto myself, she was all of those calm nights and tall eucalyptus trees, the desert stars, that land and sky, that fog outside, and I had come there with no purpose save to be a mere writer, to get money, to make a name for myself and all that piffle. She was so much finer than I, so much more honest, that I was sick of myself and I could not look at her warm eyes, I suppressed the shiver brought on by her brown arms around my neck and the long fingers in my hair. I did not kiss her. She kissed me, author of The Little Dog Laughed. Then she took my wrist with her two hands. She pressed her lips into the palm of my hand. She placed my hand upon her bosom between her breasts. She turned her lips towards my face and waited. And Arturo Bandini, the great author dipped deep into his colourful imagination, romantic Arturo Bandini, just chock-full of clever phrases, and he said, weakly, kittenishly, ‘Hello. »

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Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.

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